Price List.

Price List

Prices Guaranteed until December 31, 2019

Base Package, PERFECT FIT 7
Customers, Orders, Invoices, Customer Notes, A/R Ledger, Inventory, Price levels, Commissions, Picture Display
Includes 3 months of Training, Tech Support, and Upgrades.
Apparel Sizes Options
6 or 12 Size Slots, unlimited Size Ranges 600
Contact Manager/E-Mailer 400
Pick Ticket/Order Allocation, Reserved Status 300
Pick Ticket Boxes Packing 300
Requires Pick Ticket/Order Allocation
Pick and Pack Scanning 300
Marketing Reports, Advanced Marketing Analysis 300
Multiple Finished Inventory and Sales Locations 500
Order Entry Add-Ons (Silkscreen Module) 600
Track Dye Color, Print Design, Name Drop, etc.
Kits, Order Entry via Kitting, Kit Building 200
Shipping Manifest, Multiple Boxes per Invoice, Rate lookup 200
Import Tracking Numbers, Configured for workflow 250
Point of Sale, Walk-in-Sale System, Customer Tracking 500
Royalties, tracks Licensor, Team, Design 300
UPC, Maintenance of UPC codes, per SKU/Size 250
Barcodes, Import Data, to be quoted
EDI, Implementation to be quoted, requires Pick Boxes
Turnkey Integration with RMS Online 1,600
Raw Materials and Import Costs, Bill of Materials, Costing 300
Bill of Materials by Size, included
Dye Lot Tracking 200
Raw Materials Multiple Locations 300
Cut Tickets and Raw Materials Allocation, Production Orders (Raw Materials to Finished) 700
Production Link, Orders and Cut Tickets linked 600
Full Production Suite 1,500
Raw Materials and Import Costs, Dye Lot Tracking, Raw Materials Locations, Cut Tickets and Raw Materials Allocation, Production Link, (all as listed above).
Accounts Payable/Disbursements
Payables/Checks (includes Multiple Bank Accounts, Reconciliation) 500
Purchase Orders, Finished Goods and Raw Materials 500
Finished Goods PO/Order Link 300
Embellishment PO/Order Link 300
Parts Embellishment (Raw to Raw) 200
F/G PO Receiving by Scanning 400
Full Purchase Order Suite, the above 5 PO Modules 1,100
discount from the above prices, save $600
Payroll, Federal & 1 State 400
Each Additional State 150
General Ledger 500
Security, User Id, Transaction Id and Time Stamping 300
Field Level Access, per User ID, to be quoted
Credit Card Processing, Fully Integrated with Charge-It Pro 100
MCC Credit Coop Module for Children’s clothing industry 500
Reporting Tools: Ad Hoc Report Writer and Form Editor 500
ODBC Access Module, Read Only Access from other programs 200
PDF Device, per computer, all computers or none 40
Installing once will add $40 to all future additional users
Import Tool, mapping/validation/processing charged by the hour 600
Import Orders from web sites, etc.
Custom Forms, Logo added to existing forms, each form 150
Other modifications to be quoted, Not needed if Form Editor.
Multi-User Systems
2 User System 800
3 User System 1,600
4 User System 2,200
5 User System 2,800
6 User System 3,200
7 User System 3,600
8+ Each Additional User 400
…Additional Users can be added at any time
…(#2, #3 @ $800 each, #4, #5 @ $600 each, #6+ @ $400 each)
Above prices are for users with a current support contract.
Add $100 per user if not on support.
Serial number consolidation into a single Multi-user number, each 25
Annual Support & Upgrades, for all purchased modules
Single User 420
Two User 580
3 – 4 Users 720
5 – 7 Users 960
8 – 12 Users 1,210
13 – 20 Users 1,440
21 – 32 Users 1,680
33 + Users: Subject to Quote
PERFECT FIT 7 in the CLOUD Quoted
Tiered pricing by User and Time as low as $40 per month
Single User, All Modules, $200 per month
PERFECT FIT 8, Hybrid Cloud Quoted
Local App, Remote SQL Database, All Modules
Web Display of Inventory Status, with Pictures, per Month 50
Display future availability, additional per month. 20
E-Commerce Integration Quoted
Shopify, Joor, NuOrder, and others, as quoted.
Additional Data Files for Separate Companies
Quoted: Modules at 30% of cost
Installation and Training, Two Days On Site, Quoted
Day rates range from $400 to $1,200 per day
Custom Enhancements, Fixed Price Quotes available
Bar Code and Scanning, Web Store integration
Custom windows and reports
Custom Style Sheets, Export to Factor…
Real time update of remote database…
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